Made to Measure Wardrobes

Beautifully hand crafted wardrobes, Create a NEW look with Solid Oak and pine wardrobe. Made to measure locally in East Sussex.
Have that amazing feeling when you smell freshly waxed furniture.

Our bespoke made to measure wardrobes come in all shapes and sizes. Locally sourced from our manufacturers in East Sussex. Choices from standard single wardrobes or quadruple wardrobes. Options include bases with banks of drawers.
Stylish doors comprise from shaker doors or traditional raised and filled. Options internally from adjustable shelving or double hanging rails brass or chrome.
We can offer full design drawings either from your descriptions or make an appointment in our shop outlet in Eastbourne to talk through your ideas.

What we are offering is something special and personal just for you.


Made to Measure Wardrobes

We offer colour matching to most Farrow & Ball paints. Other options include, you can provide us with a RAL colour we will do our best to match it for you.
Also check our colour samples on our website,
Where you can see we offer different colours in stains waxes and lacquered options.

If you wanted you could have the wardrobe in natural pine ready for you to paint or stain yourself.

Our paints are a two part lacquered sprayed finish.
Ensuring a silky smooth appearance.
From 10% sheen (Eggshell)
Or high gloss.
If you want the wardrobe in a shabby chic style hand painted distressed look,
No problem we’ve got it covered.

Usually beech handles come as standard fitting, or you can supply them yourself. We also offer a wide range of ironmongery forged handles and knobs.

If you have difficult access to place your wardrobe, we can manufacture the wardrobe so it’s fully knocked down in kit format. It can then be reassembled once in position.
We also advise that you take this into consideration before purchasing your wardrobe.

To highlight.
Any dimensions
Any designs
Any colours.
Pine or Oak.
Free local delivery or price on application for nationwide delivery.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions you have.

Important information before buying your wardrobe.

You decorate your bedroom ready to buy your new wardrobe and you’re done.
Hang on something doesn’t look quite right.

We know that you can get carried away because of the style and look. Buying new wardrobes is particularly more tricky endeavour. Sometimes you have to consider storage and practicality over aesthetics.

We’ve compiled tips when buying you’re new wardrobe.

Tip 1: Measure the space that it needs to fill. This is obvious yet so many customers neglect this important step.
It needs to look proportional to the rest of the room, Also consider light aspects from natural light and artificial.

Tip 2: Calculate the storage you need. Everyone is different, Wardrobes can be tricky if you’re unsure how much you need. Have a look at your requirements, what do you have more of. Trousers , jumpers, long dresses or coats.
Will you have enough space?
Section of parts of the wardrobe for these essentials, Consider drawers in the base.
Tailor the wardrobe to you’re needs.

Tip 3: Choose the right style.
Are you looking for a minimalist design or a country cottage feel? Shaker or raised and filled panels. Chose the correct colours for the proportion of natural light. Consider the wall colours behind the wardrobe.
Do you want it to blend or stand out from the colour schemes?

Tip 4: access!
This I find is very important.
Navigate your way through towards the desired room for your new wardrobe. As We’ve mentioned before, buying your made to measure wardrobe. You need to consider the access through your house, thinking about measurements of your wardrobe and certain tricky areas within your home.
At Dawmouse furniture ltd we can construct your wardrobe so it breaks down in sections (knockdown) and can be rebuilt. Please still keep in mind accessibility.

Tip 6: Imagination.
Let you’re imagination go, be creative. Look for designs, as many as possible. Find inspiration from home style magazines use the internet for ideas. Push our boundaries at Dawmouse furniture ltd.
Let us create something wonderful just for you.
It’s all about the personal touches that matter.

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